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Our practice was founded in 1996 and is located in the heart of Budapest. Our name was given by the initials of our founders, and therefore we stand with our names for the quality.

Our colleagues are highly qualitied specialized doctors, who continously follow the newest technologies so they are able to work on the highest level. At each treament, surgical, orthodontical or even the most simple fillings, we emphasize the individual needs of every patient so we try to decrease the earlier bad experiences and take away their fears.

The surgical interventions, mostly implantology have become more and more liked in the past few years. More and more dental colleagues send their patients to our practice for surgery. Thanks to the new and old patients our practice has a dynamically growing group of patients.

You are not going to find a pricelist on our website, because we examine each patient before we calculate the price individually to the persons special needs. (We think it would be irresponsible).

We welcome our patients only by appointment, so their doctor can focus all his/her attention to this specific patient. The other reason is, of course, that this way our patients do not have to wait.

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