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Oral surgery:
The founders of our team are specialized in oral surgery, thus the outpatient interventions are done at highest level of care and with great confidence. If however we encounter any problems we do provide the necessary hospital background needed. We are highly specialized in the so called "rebuilding "of the damaged mandibular bone which enables us to do dental implants in cases where before we had difficulties. With continuous education of our team and improvements of technology , using only the most advanced materials we strive for the best and highest level of care. Apart from providing the traditional metal-ceramic restorations, we also offer the newest metal free and CAD-CAM assisted all ceramic solutions.

Having good looking teeth , is not only a question of good looks. It is also the most important means of avoiding later dental problems, it affects speech and our facial expressions. We believe that the diagnosing the problem is only the first step which should be followed by the best care. We offer a wide variety of orthodontics tailoring treatments to individual needs and goals.

Endodontics have gone through an incredible progress in the past few years, most of it in the field of instruments and technologies. Since we follow these new guidelines, we apply the APEX-Locator, digital x-rays, as well as root canal preparation devices. Long term success through these techniques have increased immensely, and therefore the number of surgically aided treatments have decreased.

Our well trained hygienic will provide all the state of art cleaning either as an individual service or as the preparation needed for upcoming interventions.

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